Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chapter Thirty: Date Night

I glanced over at my fairy guardians and they shrugged as if to signify they didn't have a clue on what to do. He had gotten over his initial shock and overload but who knew what would happen if I tried to push him farther. I brushed some hair behind my ears as I thought for something to bring my friend back. At that moment I felt a sensation crawl up through my spine and spread throughout my body.

"A festival?" I blurted. "Wait---what? Did I say that out loud?" Apparently the programming in this world wanted to let me know that there was a carnival going on in town.

"Yes.You did." Grace brought her hand to her face woefully. "You're certainly unpredictable. Gregory said you would be but I do not think we will ever fully grasp it."

Sebastian's eye twitched at the sound of Gregory's name. Whether that was a good or bad thing was anyone's guess. He shook off the unnerved feeling he obviously had and touched my arm with a softness that, given the past few minutes, was entirely unexpected.

"I would like to go to the Festival. If you wouldn't mind." He asked politely. 

Deep down I knew that this was the only option at this point. It was worth a shot. I turned to Seb and curtseyed. 

"Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to the Festival tonight?" I asked with a flourish. A hesitant smile spread across the lavender face. He nodded slightly so I snatched hand and pulled him towards the door.

"Alright, my fine purple fellow!" I laughed. "I'm taking you on a date."

We approached a nearby park where kiosks and decorations were scattered about. I could see the light of curiosity that I had always admired in Sebastian deep in the familiar imposter's eyes. He took in each sight and smell. He dashed over to a snow-cone machine and looked at me in confusion.

"What is this?" he asked blankly.

"A snow-cone maker." I chuckled. "Here." I scooped him up a splash of ice and poured grape flavoring into his cone. His eyes lit up. I made myself a Lime flavored cone and sat next to Seb on a picnic bench. He sat and ate his snack enthusiastically as I struggled to find the right words to say.

"You are a pretty curious guy, aren't you?" I took a lick of my snow-cone.

"I suppose so." He wiped a bit of snow off of his face. "I want to know everything I can so I can take care of---" He paused. 

"Care of what?" I finished up my snow-cone and threw away the garbage but when I can came back Seb had dashed over to the skating rink. 

"Oh no..." I shuddered. "I am a clumsy Sim, Sebastian! I can't do this!"

He took my hand and pulled me onto the rink.

"Neither can I!" he laughed loudly and attempted to keep his balance. His laughter was infectious and I finally was feeling at ease. It felt like old times as we skated, or rather attempted to skate, around the rink.

 After a while of falling. laughing and a few tears being shed we decided to take a break from the rink to see what other adventures the park had in store. I saw something I could actually do! An eating contest. I grabbed Sebastian by the arm and pulled him forcefully to the competition table. Payback for making me fall on my butt skating. He reluctantly agreed to compete with me.

"I do believe I'll regret this." He grabbed his stomach in an attempt to prepare it for the task at hand. You'd think he wouldn't be able to handle normal food but Sebastian at home was able to so I wasn't worried about it harming him. The competition bell rang and I began eating the hot dogs as fast as I could.

 "Yeah... I definitely regret this." I heard Sebastian mumble with a mouthful next to me.

Focus, Sarah. You can do this.

I closed my eyes and tried my best to finish when--- DING.

Sebastian lifted his arms up enthusiastically!

"We have a winner!" the carnival worker hollered, sending a pang straight through my pride. Sebastian patted my back and attempted to console my wounded spirit but only made me choke on what I had left in my mouth. I brushed him off teasingly and walked to a nearby booth to get some water.

"Hello! How can I help you, pretty lady?" The charming kiosk worker welcomed me. I let out a small giggle and asked for some water.

He handed me two glasses of water. 

"One for your friend there." he pointed to Sebastian who was coughing to clear his throat of hot dog. "You seem like you fit pretty well together, Miss. You look like you could use his company for a while."

I smiled and thanked him for the water. I didn't quite understand where his statement came from but he was right. I needed this. I needed to have this company and fun. It was as much for me as it was Sebastian. Sebastian insisted we get our faces painted.
"You look ridiculous." Sebastian smirked at me as I exited the face painting booth.

"You don't look so hot either."

We laughed as we finished off the last of our raffle tickets on some solid food.

Every bit of my body ached from all the activity during the day. I examined all the bruises that had formed on my legs and ignored the fact that I shouldn't have been getting bruises in the Sims world. I shrugged off any negative feelings and forced myself to enjoy the night.

We covered every inch of the park. Faces painted. Pictures taken. The works but Sebastian didn't seem satisfied.

He stood in the middle of the darkening park and took my hand. I shivered. Whether that was because of the touch or the cold I can't be sure. I looked up into Sebastian's eyes. They seemed conflicted. He wasn't unhappy... Just unsure.

"Dance with me." he looked down at the ground but kept hold of my hand.

"What?" I laughed and attempted to pull my hand away. His grip tightened as he looked up at me with pleading eyes.  I listened to the soft music echoing through the now empty park. I smiled and squeezed his hand. "Alright."

He pulled me closer to him. He seemed to be softer than he was earlier. A kindness was emanating from his touch as he wrapped his arm around my waist. The familiarity in his eyes was comforting but also made my heart yearn for my friends. For what I had before.. He tightened the grip around my waist as if to bring me back to him. The park seemed to fill with a light mist and the lights changed to a ominous purple glow.

"This is me." he muttered. "Not your friend. Not some clone. I am an individual and I want you to see me for who I am. Not what everyone else wants you to see."

"Sebastian, what do--" He cut me off and spun me into a dip before I could try and decipher what he was saying.

"May I ... kiss you?" he uttered softly before dipping me lower and brushing a hand against my cheek. I was surprised but my senses didn't know how to respond... But I didn't resist. Before I could even mutter a word I felt our lips finally touch with what seemed like a whirlwind of air spinning around me.

 It was by far the most vivid sensation I had felt so far in the Sims world. Warmth spread through each nerve and each bit of programming. I felt my eyes close and my body relax as I felt the strong hands that held give me support. The world around me was spinning and I staggered to find my footing. The grasp around my waist tightened to give me assurance that I was safe. I felt Sebastian pull away and the sensation and flowing air encircling us came to a soft end. I felt my body return to normal but when I opened my eyes...

"Hello again, Miss Sarah."

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chapter Twenty Nine: Reluctantcy and Resolve

The look in Sebastian's eyes as he stared his human hands burned in the back of my skull as I sat beside his sleeping frame. The pure terror he showed as his shocking tears streamed down his cheek would have softened even the hardest of hearts. I watched him while he slept in my bed; inhaling and exhaling with a mechanical rhythm. The gentle whirr of gears settled lightly in the air. Sebastian had been sleeping for 2 days so far and had barely stirred. Grace and Glory brought me food and kept watch over me but I could tell they weren't sure what to do either.

"N-no... stay... away." Mumbled Sebastian, still sound asleep.

"Come on, Seb... You can do this." I whispered. "Please..."

My head rested on his metal hand as soft sobs began to escape my lungs. We were so close. Just then I felt a soft hand brush my hair behind my ear. My body embraced the warm sensation without hesitation. The lonliness that had come from being a complete stranger to the ones you love seemed to disappear.

My hand grasped Sebastians tighter and raised my head expecting to see Sebastian holding my face but was perplexed when the hand that had touched me was nowhere to be seen and there appeared to be no change in my violet hued friend. I jumped up and spun around the room looking for my mysterious comforter but found nothing but empty room and a sense of insecurity.

 My heartbeat had jumped to what felt like a thousand horses running though my chest. I dashed to the front room where Grace and Glory had fallen asleep on the couch.

When I came back into the room Sebastian was sitting up. I ran to his side, pushing the "pleasant vanishing face toucher" into the back of my mind.

"Sebastian! Is that you?!" I grabbed his shoulders excitedly. He pulled away quickly.

"What is going on?" he uttered with fear stirring in his now stunningly apparent eyes. He shuffled around the room in a daze. I said nothing to him and tried to let his shock fade.

"Miss Sarah, I don't understand. I look--- I feel funny." He questioned desperately. "Did you do something to me in my garden?"

"Do you- Do you remember me?" I asked.

"Remember you? I just met you. How could I forget?" He looked down at his newly reformed body and opened his eyes wide with confusion as he remembered what had happened." What did you do?! Stay away from me!" He screamed as he threw his hands in from of him in defense. The power of the shove threw me back onto the ground but it didn't hurt nearly as much as my feelings and my spirit.

"I-I'm so sor--" I attempted to apologize but was cut off by Sebastian's scream as he curled into a ball. 

I ran out of the room hurriedly and nearly knocked over Grace.

"What is heaven's name is going on?!" Grace held onto my shoulders worriedly.

"He-- he doesn't remember me." I said between sobs. "He's terrified of me now. I've failed! I need to find some other way to wake him up. How am I going to do this if he hates me already?!"

Glory threw her arms around me and Grace who held me tight.

"It will be okay, my dear." Grace consoled me but I could sense the doubt in her tone.

"What did I do wrong?" I said as I was still attempting to swallow down my sobs.

"Nothing." a hollow voice called out behind me.

"Sebastian..." Glory acknowledged the arrival of the subject at hand.

"You did nothing wrong." his brow furrowed. "I'm wrong. You did something to me and I'm going to figure it out."

This new sense of resolve was both encouraging and unsettling at the same time. This was the most serious I had ever seen Sebastian. But the events prior to this proved that he was not my Sebastian.

"I don't know who you are but you obviously know me." he shuffled his bare feet around. "But I have to trust you because now I... I've changed." He gazed at his hands with what looked to be disdain. I could see some sort of technological design on his arm. It gave off a soft purple glow from underneath his artificial skin. His muscles clenched tightly as he looked up at me.

"I'm in your hands..." his face softened and for a glimpse I saw something familiar. "Miss Sarah."

Not my Sebastian...

...Not yet.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Chapter Twenty Eight: Express Yourself

Finding my second friend was easier than I expected. It made me a little nervous. Victorine was as cunning as she was beautiful. She was the type of person who would have bullied me in high school. I thought to myself silently while I brought Sebastian towards our humble home. I could hear his mechanical footsteps follow closely behind mine. We found him, or rather he found me, but now what?

"I'll introduce you to Grace and Glory." I said. "They'll be thrilled to finally meet you."

"Finally?" Sebastian asked. Woops.

"We... have... Telepathic abilities! Yes! That's right!" I lied through my teeth. Not even a good lie too. My palms began to sweat as I feared I had already scared him off before I got to help him.

"Neat! I wish I could do that!" Sebastian cried enthusiastically. I should have known Sebastian would have happily believed anything I said. Once his trust is gained he will follow you to the ends of the world. I could hear him mumbling to himself. Something about watering the potatoes and mind control. I chuckled as I listened to the mimic of my friend.

We approached the house where I could hear the gentle chime of fairy voices within. Sebastian's pace slowed he closer we got. Was he scared?

"It's okay." I patted his arm with a light clank.

"I know." he nodded. "I trust you, Miss Sarah."

His words struck my heart with a pang. He's so much like him. It was different with "old" Nicolai because he was a different age. But this... He was Sebastian. My Sebastian. You never realize how much you care about someone until they are taken from you.

I opened the door and found Grace and Glory arguing over which of Nicolai's facial expressions was most attractive.

"You are being simply illogical!" Grace said firmly. "It's the look when he sees something he loves!"

"You are seriously mistaken, sister mine!" Glory responded passionately. "It's the solemn look he got when he realized who he was!"

I brought my hand to my face as I listened to the sisters argue. 

"Fairies!" Sebastian shrieked. This caught Grace and Glory off guard.

"Sarah! Who is---" Glory began but Grace stopped her with a gentle touch on her arm.

"Sebastian?" Grace stepped forward to look into the glossed surface of Sebastian's mask. 

"Oh, yes! That's me! Miss Sarah told me she had contacted you using your..." He looked around as if he was discussing some sort of state secret. "Special communication."

I assumed if you could see more of his face he would be winking conspicuously. Grace and Glory leaned around the bot to me with a puzzled look. I shrugged and mimed to them to just keep going.

"Er--- Yes. That is how we know who you are. Right, sister?" Glory nudged grace who nodded over-enthusiastically. I smiled at the colorful combination of individuals in front of me. Some of the kindest people I know all in one room. Also some of the strangest. 

"He needs help." I inserted myself into their conversation. "I told him I could help him with his struggle with water."

"Yes! You see, I was created without the hydrophobic trait so I-- I guess you already know all this because of." He tapped on his head referencing the telepathy. "You know."

I held back my laughter as I watched Grace and Glory struggle to find the right words. 

"How long have you been in Hidden Springs, Sebastian?" I directed the conversation elsewhere. I needed more information in order to figure out how to awaken the Sebastian I knew. Gregory had modified various parts of himself and created the substance that "human" Sebastian was made of. There was no way I could do that so I had to find a way to trigger his memories. It would have to work itself out from then out. At least that is what I was hoping.

"As long as I can remember, Miss Sarah. First thing I remember is waking up in a garden and falling in love with flowers." He described with sheer joy in his voice. " They were so beautiful! They reminded me of--- Something. Something I can't put my finger on!"

That's a good sign that he is really my Sebastian Something he can't remember could be connected to me and our friends. He passionately talked for a good 10 minutes about the variety of flowers that he had in his home garden. Grace and Glory looked tired sitting on the couch. Being the proper fairies they are they were trying to stay awake and trying to be attentive. They were falling asleep but Sebastian took no notice. I smirked and gingerly touched Sebastian's shoulder to get his full attention. He turned to me mid-sentence and noticed the early asleep teens. He chuckled quietly as I softly shook the girls awake enough to get them on their way.

"Alright. Get to bed you two. You may be mature beyond your years but you still need your sleep. You're young and need energy." I shooed them off and Sebastian waved excitedly.

"Thank you for listening to me Miss Blue and Orange!" he hollered. Grace and Glory shot me perplexed looks and shut the bedroom door.

"I like them." Sebastian said as he tapped is foot to a seemingly unheard rhythm. I stared at his features, attempting to understand what he had become. Or what he was before he became the Sebastian I knew. 

"You are quite unique, Sebastian." I laughed quietly at how he and Gregory looked identical but were poles apart. "I've never met anyone like you before. It's wonderful. I'm so happy. I'm so happy to see you again--- I mean, meet you. Not again. That's silly!"

Woops again. I looked down at my hands and nervously shuffled my feet.

"Sarah?" Sebastian said with a quiver in his voice. I looked up to see Sebastian's human face staring at me with terror and confusion in his eyes. "What is happening to me?"

A tear was running down his cheek.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Chapter Twenty Seven: Stop and Smell the Wisteria

I stepped down each wrung of the ladder with anticipation and fear. Could this be a trap? At any rate it was worth a shot. I had to take every opportunity for a lead that I could. Wherever this ladder led me to I'm sure it would be something important. I approached the bottom step and planted myself on a pebbled ground. I turned around to see the most beautiful array of plants and flowers I had seen. The walls were lined with wisteria; a plant my mother used to grow on our fence all the time. It reminded me of home. There was a gardening station, similar to the one at the greenhouse where we met Nicolai. Each plant looked healthy and vibrant against the dark surroundings. How could they survive down here?

"This reminds me of---"

"What are you doing here?!" a frantic but familiar voice cried out.

 I whipped around expecting to see my handsome Gregory robot look-a-like but was instead greeted by a mechanical man.


This was what he looked like before Gregory brought him to life. A cold and metallic machine. He still was colored with his trademark purple and his voice didn't sound like he was totally devoid of feelings. I assumed he didn't know who I was so I took as gentle of approach as I could.

"Who are you?! ?" He cried. I could hear the nuts and bolts shake within his joints.

"I am so sorry for intruding!" I bowed slightly. "I live in the house near here and saw this shed. I came in with no other intentions besides seeing what was down here."

I could vaguely see the bright purple eyes within the helmet the Simbot wore. He didn't look quite like other Simbots but he definitely wasn't human. At least not entirely. The eyes looked back at me with fear and confusion. But most of all they looked... kind. I smiled at the resemblance of my friend. I could tell he was shaking a little. It made my heart hurt. I didn't want to scare him.

"Your garden is beautiful." I said genuinely, knowing it would appeal to the green-thumbed robot. I could see a visible change in his body language. He was obviously flattered but immediately shrunk back in embarrassment.

"You're just here to destroy it... like the others." He slightly hid behind one of the beams of the garden station.

"N-no!" I blurted out louder than I should have. He flinched. "I love this. It's so lovely and it--- It reminds me of a dear friend of mine. A friend whom I miss very much."

Once again he softened his stance.

"Your friend sounds nice." He muttered. "I love plants."

"I can tell." I smelt a nearby flower. "I think they love you too."

I could hear cogs turn coming from the bot's chest. Perhaps that was his way of blushing? I chuckled and approached the robotic man slowly. I stretched out my hand.

"My name is Sarah."

"Sebastian..." He took my hand. For a robot his grasp was extremely gentle. I grinned as I withdrew my hand.

"My friend loved gardening. I built a little hut similar to this one in my old house. It was his little get away."

"I feel the same about this place. This little shack appeared out of no where. I was being teased by the towns people for looking different. They didn't understand me so I ran. I found this place and made it my home in a way. The only problem is..."

"Water?" I took a very educated guess. I could see his eyes fill with sadness behind the visor.

"Y-yeah." He shuffled his feet. "I have to be really careful."

I nodded in empathy. I had found my friend in this world, but now I had to figure out how to "wake him up". That was an entirely different monster from just finding him. He kind of just fell into my lap, which was pretty lucky. I was so happy to see my friend. Instinctively I grasped his hand.

"I think I can help you out." I smiled and I think he was smiling back too.

And just for an instant his hand felt... warm.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chapter Twenty Six: A Little Bit of Optimism

First thing was first. New town. New home. I only felt a small amount of simoleons available to me so I turned to Grace and Glory. They averted their gaze.

"What?" I pried.

"We have very little money." Glory shrugged.

"We spent most of ours on the last house." Grace admitted. I was a little disappointed but saw that I remained unfazed.

"I think we have enough to make a pretty basic house." I scratched my head as I began looking around for blank lots. I had been spoiled with the homes I had lived in. They were all beautiful and well furnished. This would be a new experience but to be honest I was pretty excited. I had grown to love the adventure and unknown a little more. Especially after the last encounter with Nicolai. He had given me a brand-new perspective.

"Better get going then." I took off promptly, walking through the town with the fairies as my shadows. We passed lot after lot but none of them seemed like the one. Too big. Too small. Too hilly. Not enough trees. Glory and Grace moaned as I decided against another lot.

"If you guys want to live on your own that's fine. But I want to feel safe and secure here so either you pack your bags or stay with me." I felt like their mother. It kind of made me happy though. They both grunted under their breath and began talking to each other about their feet hurting. I rolled my eyes with a laugh and spotted the one last lot we hadn't looked at.

It overlooked part of the hauntingly beautiful scenery of Hidden Springs. Tucked away through the trees was a small shack. It wasn't an empty lot as we had first thought. The home was small, but it would do the job. It had a sort of comeliness that would only appeal to someone like me. Weeds and brambles were spread out across the yard.

"This is it!" I stomped my foot down on my newly declared home. Glory and Grace groaned with relief.

"Finally." Grace rubbed her temples. "I am so ready to be done with this drab business. Hm. This place looks like it was supposed to be a park." She said as she wandered the yard. Perhaps someone built this house and it was abandoned? I wasn't sure but it felt like we were supposed to be here for some reason.

"I could go for some tea." Glory nodded to her sister. For the first time in a while they seemed like their posh self that I met at first. I think Nicolai had brought out their ridiculously teenage girl side. I honestly wasn't sure which I liked better but I think each variation made them who they were. I loved them regardless. They were relieved until they finally realized the meager home in front of them was their new residence.

"You have got to be kidding me." Glory nearly shouted at me in a tone that was opposite of her normal disposition.

"It's so... uncivilized!" Grace lowered her head in angered disappointment. I huffed at my friends.

"You can sleep at the library or something tonight. I'm not having such negativity in our home!" I rushed to the door. I could hear both sisters whimper and follow behind me.

"Wait here and I'll be done in a moment. I'll clean it up for you." I said. I entered the house to see what I had to work with. It looks like it had been made with the blue print tool. One room for dining, kitchen and living. Fine. There was a small bathroom behind the kitchen that connected to the one small bedroom. I placed bunk bed for the girls and a small bed for me. I decorated a little, just to add the homey feel that I preferred. It wasn't stylish but it would work perfect for our needs. I walked outside to find the girls sitting on the grass with disgruntled expressions.

"All done!" I took them inside and gave them a tour.

"I thought the last one was 'quaint'." Glory huffed.

"This gives a new definition to the word." Grace agreed.

"That's it. I'm moving your stuff to the porch and you can come in when you have changed that attitude, miss." I threatened and pointed to the door. They promptly apologized and plopped down onto the couch. I shouldn't say plopped. It was exceptionally graceful. I envied them for their ability to make anything look beautiful.

"Now all I need to do is..." My face grew pale. "Find a job."

The fairies giggled. It hadn't worked so well last time. I wasn't cut out for the door to door singing I had tried last time. I would get there eventually but a normal job would bring in enough money to get us through till we could find one of my companions.

"I'll get started." I said as I grabbed the recently delivered newspaper. The interface popped up in my mind.

"Business? Boring. Sports. With my clumsy trait? Yeah right." I flipped through the options. "Hm... Criminal?"

"That would be something!" Glory exclaimed. "A good-hearted, clumsy criminal mastermind."

Grace snickered loudly as I sighed. That one had actually sounded fun but they were right. It wouldn't have worked out. There must be something else. I lowered my head in defeat. Nothing had stuck out in my mind.

"There will be something." Grace attempted to console me.

"We can manage until then." Glory eyed the humble surroundings but had said her statement in all sincerity.

"You're right." I said. I wasn't that worried to be honest. I had a much better outlook this time around. A new town and a new attitude I assured myself. I stood up with a stretch.

"Let's go do something fun!" I turned to the girls with a grin.

"Fine." Glory groaned and dragged herself off of the couch.

"Oh come on. You're fine." I rebutted.

"Following you around trying to find a house was an ordeal." Glory retorted. That's true. I had dragged them everywhere but they could fly! I had to walk. Either way I was determined to give us all the relaxation and merriment we needed.

"I do believe I heard something about a fair going on nearby." Glory suggested.

"That sounds great!" I smiled and grabbed their hands. "We're off!"

I told Grace to lead us to the place she had heard the fair was at. I began to be excited. It was about time we got to enjoy ourselves a little. I needed to clear my head. I thought maybe I could hear something on another job opportunity. We walked outside into the yard that was scattered with weeds. It had a lot of trees and flowers besides the weeds so it was still beautiful in its own way. As we took to the street I couldn't help but feel we were being watched. The hair on my neck stood up and I turned around expecting to see someone (perhaps even Victorine) staring me down.


Paranoia sunk deep into my chest. Grace and Glory tugged me along down the road after I had stopped to stare behind me. I turned my focus back to the fair but all the way there I couldn't help but check over my shoulder.

"That's strange." I thought to myself as we walked. "It doesn't feel dangerous at least."

"Oh my!" Grace exclaimed excitedly.

"This is wonderful!" Glory agreed.

We had arrived at a large entry way decorated with flags and signs. Inside I could see people dancing and trying the various activities scattered about. I watched as Glory attempted to shoot an arrow. I finally found something she wasn't graceful at.

Grace was admiring the decorations around a particular fountain and seemed pretty engaged.  I shrugged and listened to several musicians scattered about when I could feel someone watching me again.

I turned around and saw someone running out the entrance. I couldn't see any details of them but I immediately took off running after them. I followed closely but they were quick. I thought I was closing in on the mysterious figure but as I rounded a tree they had disappeared.

"What the---" I panted as I attempted to take in the cold night air. I had chased him a long time. I then realized where I was. I was home. We were at our new house. I could see the shack between the trees. The figure had taken me to a corner of the lot that none of us had paid any attention to.

In front of me stood a small building that was guarded by large bushes of flowers. Compared to the worn down yard in front of our house this was gorgeous. Everything around the building seemed brighter and full of life.

"Guess I better go inside."

I gulped. My hand shook as I took the worn metal handle. I pulled the door and felt a large amount of resistance. It was extremely heavy and I was far from an athletic Sim. When I opened the door fully I could see a dimly lit room with nothing but a ladder placed in the middle.

The intoxicating smell of fresh flowers swarmed my senses.